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Daniela's Story

It all began in October 2012 in Munich, where I had lived for 10 years. There I got diagnosed Hashimoto, a sickness characterised by an under functioning thyroid, where my body creates anti corps against my own thyroid. This means that my body kind of destroys himself... Not completely satisfied with the few explanations that I got of specialist doctors consistently saying “this is all fine, all what you have to do is to take this pill every day for the rest of your life!!” - I started to wonder about the causes of this auto immune problem which currently affects more than 200 million thyroid patients worldwide. My passion to get to the bottom of this took me much further away than only my own healing and induced me to reconsider my entire “raison d’être”.


It was actually in South America, in the middle of the Amazons rain forest in the year 2015, that I discovered the power of nature on human beings. Indeed, local tribes made me understand and realise that we are deeply connected to the earth and that most of the resources we need to live healthy and free are provided by the nature itself, if only one took the time and effort to see. 

As soon as I got back to Europe I decided to swap my successful international career in New Technologies to that of human sciences and alternative medicine, which gave birth to Lettuce Bloom.


Considering that our modern society doesn’t pay enough attention to our most vital need: NUTRITION, I have dedicated my studies to holistic health focusing on nutrition and graduated as "Consultant of Holistic Health" by the Akademie der Naturheilkunde and as "Vegan Nutritionist by the Centre of Excellence.


As a matter of fact, food is our best health insurance, but also a wonderful source of healing and strength for our very being and this is the core of Lettuce Blooms health programs.


At the beginning of 2018 my yearning brought me to India in order to fulfill my holistic package. There I enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training program with Sequoia Henning of Feeling Soul Good and got certified by the Yoga Alliance as an Hatha Yoga Teacher. This now lets me upgrade my programs with a great spiritual base for body, mind and soul.


My knowledge and practices only needed a great and inspiring environment to be shared. This I found in Bordeaux, in close proximity to the wonderful and wild silver coast of France. I invite you to find your physical, psychological and spiritual harmony and re-discover your roots.

And here the story begins...

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