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Healthy Food Shopping

Food Shopping is a practice that we do every week if not even every day, but do we still do it correctly?  Do we need to pay attention to certain things when we do our food shopping?

As a Holistic Health Coach I want to help you to bring light into this jungle of groceries and create your awareness, no matter if in a conventional supermarket or in a organic store. Just because the product is organic, it doesn't always mean that it's a high quality product. 

During our healthy food shopping tour, we will pay attention to groceries, but also cosmetics, cleaning products etc. 



On our healthy food shopping tour we will go to your regular retailer and you will learn:

  • To shop for healthier options in your familiar food store and find healthier options around your own neighbourhood

  • To read labels & understand ingredients

  • To buy the best products within your budget

  • When and where to buy organic


You can bring your helper along!

Combine this food shopping tour with a storage detox and contact us for a special pricing.

Healthy Food Shopping Lettuce Bloom Holi

Duration : approx. 90 minutes

Costs : 75,00 Euros 

Your shopping tour can be organised in and around Bordeaux (from 10 to 50km distance from Bordeaux a 0.30€ per km of replacement fee applies).

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