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Detox Your Storage

Do you know exactly what is hidden in your storage or maybe in those products that you use since years? When we are used to buy always the same brand we tend to not pay attention to ingredients anymore, anyhow companies always try to improve the efficiency and prices of their products, so even if you don't taste it your product might have changed and has now added sugars or other additives.


Within the storage detox you will check all your storage together with your Holistic Health Coach, products that might be not ideal for your health and also how to store your products appropriately.



Let's do a remake of your storage room and get rid of all those things that take your health out of balance. 

You will learn:

  • What hidden ingredients are poisoning you and your family

  • How to keep a healthy storage


You can bring your helper with you!

Combine this storage detox with a food shopping tour and contact us for a special pricing.

Country Style Kitchen

Duration : approx. 90 minutes

Price : 75,00 Euros

Your shopping tour can be organised in and around Bordeaux (from 10 to 50km distance from Bordeaux a 0.30€ per km of replacement fee applies).

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